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Virtual Piano Keyboard Free

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Are you looking for music games offline; do you want to have piano lessons free and the best virtual piano online? With Virtual Piano Keyboard Free app you can learn to play piano on virtual keyboard and record your own piano music with high quality sound!

This is the Android piano app for people who love musical instruments and want to play piano online; it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner piano player or experienced pianist.

In Play Mode you can play without the help of our piano tutorial and record music, you can choose to only record audio or to record video view of screen and audio as you play. Recorded music files can be shared with family, friends and loved once.

In Learn to Play Mode you can choose to play easy piano songs or harder piano chords songs with the help of our piano software. Choose song to play and then follow the yellow keys to learn how to play the piano song. Learn to play piano before you go to Play Mode and record your own piano pieces.


Choose Between Five Different Pianos and Sounds in Realistic Virtual Piano Keyboard:


1. Grand Piano and its horizontal soundboard with high sound volume are commonly used in classical music.
2. Pianino (Upright Piano) and its vertical soundboard with lower sound volume, compared to the Grand Piano, are commonly used as studio piano.
3. Electronic Piano and its electronic sound is commonly used in jazz piano music
4. Digital Piano and its digital sound is commonly used for piano chords in popular music
5. Organ and its characteristic sound is commonly used for church music and Christian music

Most important buttons for functions are placed above the piano keyboard for best user experience and easy overview. If you have your own piano sheet music; you can choose to show label on keyboard piano keys in settings.

If you want to learn to play piano online, or you are looking for fun piano apps for free, this is the perfect piano player app for you. Learn to play your favorite piano song on your Android phone or tablet with virtual keyboard piano lessons online!

Download Virtual Piano Keyboard Free app now, bring out the pianist in you with this free piano game!


Android Virtual Piano Free Features:


– Best pianist HD graphics optimized for User Experience
– Five HQ piano sounds to choose from
– Compatible with majority of Android phones
– Adapted for Android Tablet
– Adjustable volume
– Adjustable tough pressure ratio
– Adjustable sustain sound ration
– Show Label option for piano keys
– Vibration option for piano keys
– Adjustable view and number of keys on piano keyboard
– Play Mode with audio and video recording options
– Play piano recordings
– Share my piano recordings option via Mail or Bluetooth
– Learn to Play Mode with a large collection of piano songs to choose from
– Auto play song options
– Easy to follow yellow color on piano keys to play
– Adjustable piano notes speed

If you like to play fun games and love to play music; then this is the right free piano app for you!


Virtual Piano Keyboard for Android (FAQ)


1. What is a virtual piano app for Android?

A virtual piano app for Android is a realistic virtual piano keyboard mobile application that simulates the experience of playing a piano on your Android device. It provides a digital representation of piano keys, allowing users to play various musical notes and create melodies using their touchscreen.


2. How does the virtual piano instrument app work?

The virtual piano piano instrument app replicates the layout of a traditional piano with keys representing different musical notes. Users can tap on the virtual keys on the screen to produce sounds. The application uses touch sensitivity to detect the user’s input, enabling them to play a wide range of musical notes.


4. Is the virtual piano simulator suitable for beginners?

Yes, the virtual piano simulator is suitable for beginners and learners. Many apps offer features like labeled keys, tutorials, and different modes to assist beginners in understanding the basics of piano playing.


5. Does the app provide lessons for learning to play the piano?

Virtual Piano Keyboard apps come with built-in lessons or tutorials to help learning to play the piano. These lessons cover the fundamental concept of playing piano, users can follow instruction to play piano songs of different difficulty levels.


6. Can I record piano music with the virtual piano keyboard?

Recording features are included in this app. Virtual Piano Keyboard app allow users to record piano music sessions, which can be useful for self-assessment, sharing with others, or simply preserving musical ideas.


7. Are there different piano sounds available in the app?

Yes, Virtual Piano Keyboard app come with a variety of different piano sounds. Users can choose the type of piano sound that suits their preference or the style of music they are playing.


8. Can I use the virtual piano keyboard offline without an internet connection?

Users can play virtual piano keyboard offline without an internet connection. Once downloaded, the app and its features, including piano sounds and lessons, can typically be accessed without an internet connection.


9. Is the virtual piano keyboard app free?

Users can enjoy Virtual Piano Keyboard apps free version with all the basic features, while there is an premium version with additional functionalities. Check the in-app purchases description for information  premium features and pricing.


10. Does the free piano app support multitouch for playing piano chords?

Yes, this free piano app support multitouch functionality, allowing users to play multiple keys simultaneously. This is essential for playing piano chords and creating complex musical arrangements.


11. Can I customize the appearance playing piano keyboard?

Virtual Piano Keyboard app offer key size adjustments for users to personalize their playing piano keyboard experience.


12. Is the playing piano app compatible with different Android devices?

Playing piano app is designed to be compatible with a wide range of Android devices, including smartphones and tablets. Compatibility details are provided in the app’s description on the Google Play Store.


13. How do I connect headphones to the virtual piano playing app?

To connect headphones to your Android device, simply plug them into the headphone jack or use an appropriate adapter if your device doesn’t have a headphone jack. Once connected, you can enjoy the virtual piano playing app privately without disturbing others.


14. Can I use the piano learning app for live performances?

The piano learning app is primarily designed for personal use and practice, some features may be suitable for live performances. Check the app’s capabilities and user reviews to determine its suitability for live playing.


15. How do I contact customer support for the piano music app?

Customer support information is available in the piano music app description on the Google Play Store. Look for developer contact details or links to support resources if you encounter issues or have specific inquiries.


16. Can I share my piano recording sessions on social media?

Virtual Piano Keyboard app include features to download and share recorded files, allowing users to share their piano recording sessions. Check the app’s features or settings for social sharing options.


17. Is the piano chords learning app available in multiple languages?

The piano chords learning app support multiple languages. Check the app’s settings or description to see if your preferred language is available.


18. How do I save and share my piano music recording sessions?

Saving and sharing options are available in the app. Virtual Piano Keyboard apps provide an option to save piano music recording sessions within the app, and you can then download and share them using the sharing features of your device.


19. Can I use the piano lessons learning app for composing music?

Yes, the piano lessons learning app is a useful tool for composing music. Users can experiment with melodies, harmonies, and chord progressions directly on the virtual keys, making it a convenient tool for musical creativity.


Download Virtual Piano Keyboard for Android app if you want to find answers to questions not covered in this FAQ. Enjoy playing and exploring the world of music on your Android device!