Every app is coming from an idea that has evolved from research and innovative thinking from our team. At this stage we are identifying the needs of potential users and how the app can and will be used by the targeted user group. We are striving to create top apps and games that are interesting, fun and entertaining!


Create and Design

When the app is discussed and approved by the team, we are taking the app to the design stage. Our goal is to create apps and games that are user-friendly and adapted to Android and iOS platform design standards. UI design, functions, and app marketing resources that catch the app store browser’s eyes, are put together to make our app unique, differentiating it from the competitors.


Prototype and Test

In this stage, we take the app from the drawing table to coding. Graphic elements and functions are united in code to build the app prototype. The prototype is then internally tested in every possible way in order to provide the user with a bug-free and optimal user experience. There are many aspects to consider when creating mobile apps and games that will satisfy a user in every possible way.


Publish and Promote

In the last stage, we publish the app on Google Play and App Store with optimized app market material. This is followed by initial app marketing on various websites to get the app noticed and push the number of app users and downloads. Thereafter our work with ongoing app analysis starts, detecting corrections and improvements, continuously updating the app throughout its lifecycle.

App Downloads