About us

NetFocus Universal


NetFocus Universal is a well-established app and websites development company that has been active since 2012. NetFocus Universal has its origins from Sweden with corporate offices in Serbia. The entrepreneurial mindset of the owners is taking the company to the sky of modern way of communicating. By developing various types of mobile apps for the global markets, NetFocus Universal is connecting with people all over the world and spreading the word about the most modern mobile apps and app techniques.

Our Mission


We are not afraid of going into areas not familiar to us, but see this as a fun and developing challenge. So far, we have grown every year and at the moment of writing this text, we have developed more than 100 of our own apps that are offered to users and have several at the development stage.

Our Vision


We are a company with clear goals and high ambitions and want to attract people with the same mindset. At the moment we are a small but dedicated team and in the coming years, we see our company and team growing and developing steadily, taking NetFocus Universal to the next level.

Our Goals


Our team is an absolute key success factor in order to achieve set goals. We therefore, would like to hire future talents that want to develop together with us. If you think you are ready to join us for this challenge then follow this link and send your CV now!

Our Accomplishments

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