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Are you looking for free brain game? Sudoku Puzzle Game Free app Android is an Android phone and tablet version of one of the most popular games of modern time, if you like number puzzle games this is the right Android game app for you!

Challenge yourself with this top Android logic game app today. This are good games that can be played as easy entertaining games or challenging mind games. Download the best game online now; have fun in the same time as you exercise your mind and logical thinking with this free Android game!


Android Sudoku Game Rules:


Standard Sudoku puzzles consists of 9 blocks, each block contains 9 boxes arranged in 3 horizontal rows and 3 vertical columns. There is only one right solution to each Sudoku puzzle game. The only way these puzzle games can be solved correctly is when all 81 boxes contain numbers and the Sudoku rules have been followed.

– When you start Sudoku games, some blocks will be pre-filled for you. You cannot change these numbers in the course of the puzzle game.
– Each vertical column must contain all of the numbers 1 – 9 and no two numbers in the same column of a Sudoku puzzle can be the same.
– Each horizontal row must contain all of the numbers 1 through 9 and no two numbers in the same row of a Sudoku puzzle can be the same.
– Each block must contain all of the numbers 1 through 9 and no two numbers in the same block of a Sudoku puzzle can be the same.

The Sudoku solver has found the right Sudoku solution when all boxes contains numbers and the rules above are applied.


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People have always been interested to challenge the mind with logic puzzles and exercise the brain with brain games. Our brain is a muscle and just like every other muscle it needs exercise to develop and keep healthy; download this top Android game if you want to get some brain exercises and free games for Android!

This Android logic game is an smartphone and tablet version of one of the classical logic games. Sudoku games in different variations was first known as Number Place, and it was first printed in French newspapers and the number puzzle has appeared in different puzzle books since 1979. The modern way that we play Sudoku today became popular in Japan in the year 1986, Sudoku is Japanese for “single number”, and these interesting games then spread all over the world.

Are you tired of modern popular Android games, do you enjoy to play free games for girls and boys and to solve logic puzzles? Then these Android Sudoku game is the perfect free Android App for you!

Download Sudoku Game Free app for Android and solve number puzzles now; these are learning games with many different levels of easy Sudoku, hard Sudoku or diabolical Sudoku games and challenge yourself with these addicting games or just play pastime games with this top game app!


Sudoku Puzzles Free (FAQ)


1. What is a Sudoku Game for Android?

A Sudoku Game for Android is a mobile application that brings the classic and popular Sudoku puzzle to your Android device. It offers various difficulty levels, engaging puzzles, and features designed to enhance the Sudoku-solving experience.


2. How does a Sudoku app offline work?

Sudoku app offline is a number puzzle where the objective is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 subgrids (also known as regions or blocks) contain all of the digits from 1 to 9. A Sudoku Game for Android provides users with an interactive platform to solve these puzzles with ease.


3. Is Sudoku number puzzle suitable for all ages?

Absolutely. Sudoku number puzzle is a game that transcends all age groups. Sudoku app for Android offers varying difficulty levels, making it accessible for both beginners and seasoned players.


4. What are the difficulty levels in a Sudoku easy, medium, hard?

The Sudoku game app provides difficulty levels such as easy, medium, hard, and expert. These levels are designed to accommodate players with different skill levels and preferences.


5. Can I play Sudoku offline game without internet connection?

Yes, the app allow you to play Sudoku offline once you’ve downloaded the game and any puzzle packs you might want to use. This is convenient for users who wish to enjoy the game without internet connection.


6. Can I undo or redo moves in a Sudoku Games?

Yes, Sudoku Games usually include an undo/redo feature, allowing players to correct their moves if they make a mistake or want to explore different strategies.


7. Is there a time limit for solving Sudoku puzzle?

While some games may have a timed mode for those who enjoy a challenge, this Sudoku puzzle allow players to solve puzzles at their own pace. This flexibility ensures that the game can be enjoyed leisurely.


8. Can I get hints if I’m stuck on a classic Sudoku puzzle?

This classic Sudoku puzzle offers a hint system to assist players when they are stuck. Hints provide suggestions for the next logical move or highlight potential conflicts in the puzzle.


9. Can I customize the appearance of the Sudoku brain games?

The Sudoku brain games app offer customization options of the Sudoku grid, allowing users to choose different themes, grid colors, and number styles to personalize their gaming experience.


10. Can I make notes on the Sudoku grid?

Yes, note-taking is a common feature in Sudoku Games. Players can make temporary notes in each cell to jot down potential numbers, helping them in the solving process.


11. Are there ads in these free Sudoku games?

To support development costs, many free Sudoku games include ads. However, users often have the option to remove ads through in-app purchases.


12. Can I play Sudoku on Android and on different devices?

The Sudoku Game is available on multiple platforms, and you can often sync your progress across devices by logging into the same account when you play Sudoku on Android.


13. Can I play Sudoku for free in different languages?

Sudoku game app support multiple languages. Users can play Sudoku for free in their native language. Simply select their preferred language in the device settings, and the app will adjust to selected language.


14. Are there in-app purchases in Sudoku game app?

This is a  Sudoku game app free to play, the app offers in-app purchases for additional puzzle packs, themes, or to remove ads for an enhanced gaming experience.


15. Can I play Sudoku on tablets?

Yes, users can play Sudoku on tablet.  This app is optimized for both smartphones and tablets. The larger screen on tablets can provide a more comfortable and immersive gaming experience.


16. Can I suggest logic game app features or report issues to developers?

All developers appreciate user feedback. Users can check within the logic game app for options to submit feedback, report issues, or suggest new features.


Embark on a journey of logical deduction and number placement with Sudoku Games for Android. Download Sudoku puzzles free today to challenge your mind and enjoy the timeless puzzle-solving experience.