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Pixel Color by Number Games

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Are you looking for free drawing games for kids and adults? Pixel Color by Number Games app for iPhone is a color game with numbers for iPhone and iPad. If you like painting games and would like to draw by numbers in your own rized coloring book, this is the right pixel art app for you!

Challenge the painter or artist in you with this painting color game today. In this paint app you can enjoy coloring for adults and kids that can be played as entertaining games, artistic games or used as color therapy and anti stress coloring. Download the best game online now; make your own pixel art by uploading and drawing your own pictures, or just color by numbers unicorn and other cool art drawings in this free iPad game!’


Color by the number games features:


– Draw whatever you want in draw free mode

– Paint by numbers and choose your favorite artistic design from our drawing book in color number mode

– Pixel yourself and color your own pictures or artistic drawing in upload mode

– Large selection of pixel coloring pictures; you can color animals, flowers, cars, emojis, rainbow, mandala and much more coloring with numbers to choose from

– Search function for our art gallery that makes it easy to find your favorite pixels drawing

– Filter drawing with numbers to easy, medium and hard pixels games

– Filter draw with numbers to all, started, completed and favorite games with coloring

– Pixel paint multiple squares with color bombs, or make pixel coloring easy with our multiple squares pixels coloring functions when you are finger painting

– Follow instructions when you color with numbers, or paint free and choose your own pixel color from the color palette

– Share or download completed paint games as still picture or video


Play fun games and draw with pixels:


People have always been interested in drawing pictures that describing what they have seen or experienced, to be able to draw something that you have seen, gives you the possibility to communicate across language barriers. In this painting app you can draw picture and color free, or you can follow instructions and pixels color by number; get this top iPhone game if you want to experience real coloring joy and free games for iPhone!

Are you tired of modern popular iOS games, do you enjoy painting by numbers and drawing with pixels? Then this iPhone color game with numbers is the perfect free iPhone app for you!

Download Color by Number Games – Coloring Pixels app for iPad and start working on your color book or pixel art photo now! This drawing app is a free game for children and adults, and you will find drawing games for girls and boys. Accept the drawing challenge today in the best coloring app; create funny images that you can send to family and friend, or just play cool games in this top game app!


Pixel Color by Number Games for iPhone and iPad (FAQ)


1. What is the coloring by number app for iPad and iPhone?

Coloring by number app are digital coloring activities that use a grid-based system. Players follow a numbered pattern, assigning colors to each corresponding number, ultimately creating pixel art. These games are available for iPhone and iPad, providing a relaxing and creative way to unwind.


2. How does the paint by number app work?

Players start with a grayscale pixel image that is divided into numbered cells. Each number corresponds to a specific color. Players select a color and fill in the cells according to the numbers, gradually revealing a vibrant and detailed image. The process in the paint by number app is both entertaining and meditative.


3. Is the number coloring app suitable for all ages?

Absolutely! The number coloring app for iPhone and iPad is designed to be enjoyed by users of all ages. They offer a simple and intuitive coloring experience, making them accessible to children, teenagers, and adults alike. The games often include a variety of difficulty levels to cater to different age groups.


4. Can I play color by number games offline?

Yes, users can play Pixel Color by Number Games offline. Once you’ve downloaded the game and the necessary pixel art packs, you can enjoy the coloring experience without needing an internet connection. This makes them ideal for on-the-go or when you’re in areas with limited connectivity.


5. How do I choose colors to use in pixel coloring pages?

Pixel Color by Number Games provide a palette of colors at the bottom of the screen. Players tap on a color to select it and then tap on the numbered cells in pixel coloring pages to fill them with the chosen color. Some games also allow users to customize their color palette for a more personalized experience.


6. Can I zoom in on coloring images while coloring in the painting app?

Yes, Pixel Color by Number Games allow users to zoom in for more detailed coloring or zoom out for a broader view of the coloring images artwork. This feature enhances precision when dealing with smaller cells or provides a quick overview of the entire image in the painting app.


7. Are there different difficulty levels in the color by number app offline?

Yes, color by number app offline feature various difficulty levels. Beginners can start with simpler and smaller images, while advanced users may choose more complex designs with finer details. This ensures that players of all skill levels can find suitable challenges.


8. Can I share my completed pixel art images?

Yes, Pixel Color by Number Games include a sharing feature. Once you’ve completed a pixel art images creation, you can share it on social media platforms, save it to your device’s gallery, or even send it as a message to friends and family.


9. Are there seasonal or themed pixel art packs in pixel coloring game?

Absolutely! Pixel coloring game frequently release seasonal or themed pixel art packs. Whether it’s holidays, special events, or popular trends, these games often provide fresh and relevant content to keep users engaged and excited about new coloring challenges.


10. Can I create my own pixel art and pixel color my own photos?

While the primary focus of Pixel Color by Number Games is to fill in pre-designed pixel art, but this game offer a separate feature that allows users to create their own pixel art from scratch, import images from device and pixel color my own photos. This additional functionality adds a creative layer to the overall experience.


11. How often do new pixel art designs get added to the pixel drawing app?

The frequency of new pixel art additions varies from month to month. However, the pixel drawing app is regularly updated with fresh content, ensuring that players always have something new and interesting to color.


12. Do draw by numbers app include in-app purchases?

Yes, draw by numbers app include in-app purchases. These purchases provide additional features and tools that enhance the overall coloring experience, and will also remove the ads. Users can choose whether or not to make these optional purchases.


13. Can I use a stylus for coloring in the coloring page game?

Absolutely! Pixel Color by Number Games are compatible with stylus devices for iPhones and iPads. Using a stylus can provide a more precise and comfortable coloring experience in the coloring page game, especially for users who enjoy intricate details in their pixel art.


14. How do I access the paint by number app on my iPhone or iPad?

To access Pixel Color by Number Games on your iPhone or iPad, simply go to the App Store, search for the paint by number app, and download it. Once installed, open the app, choose a pixel art design, and start coloring.


15. Can I undo or redo my coloring actions in the drawing game app?

Yes, the drawing game app include an undo and redo feature. If you make a mistake or want to try different color combinations, you can easily undo or redo your coloring actions to achieve the desired result.


16. Are there ads in the painting game app?

The painting game app is free to download and play, but since it is free, it does include ads. Users have the option to enjoy an ad-free experience through in-app purchases.


17. How do I ensure that the pixel game app run smoothly on my device?

The pixel game app is designed to be compatible with a range of iOS devices. Ensure that your device meets the game’s system requirements, and you should be able to enjoy the game on various iPhones and iPads.


18. How large is the pixel drawing app in terms of storage space?

The size of the pixel drawing app is 42.1 MB, they are generally designed to be relatively lightweight. You can check the app’s size in the description on the App Store. If storage space is a concern, you can choose games that fit your device’s capacity.


19. Does the coloring book app have regular updates?

Developers release updates for the coloring book app to introduce new features, pixel art designs, and improvements. Regularly updating your games ensures that you have access to the latest content and enhancements. Check the App Store for available updates to the coloring book app.


This FAQ provides insights into the colorful world of Pixel Color by Number Games for iPhone and iPad, offering guidance on gameplay, features, and customization options. Dive into the realm of pixel art, creativity, and relaxation as you explore these engaging mobile games on your Apple devices!