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Mastermind Board Game Free

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Are you looking for free brain games for kids and adults? Mastermind Board Game is an iPhone and iPad version of one of the most popular board games of modern time, if you are a lover of logic games this is the right iPhone game app for you!

Challenge yourself and friends with this top iPhone board game app today. This is a logic game for kids and adult that can be played as easy entertaining pastime games or addictive brain training games. Download the best board game online now; have fun in the same time as you exercise your mind and logical reasoning with this free iPad game!


iPhone Mastermind Game Rules:


Mastermind is a mind game that is played on a decoding board with a shield covering four colored code pins, the goal is to guess the code and recreate the hidden row in this iPhone board game. Below the shield there are eight horizontal rows where the player code breaker is able to guess the color and placing of the covered code pins. On the right side of each horizontal row there are holes for key pegs where the software will provide feedback for the code breaker after every attempt made to guess the code:

• The black key peg indicates right color pin in right place.

• The white key peg indicates right color pin in wrong place.

• No key peg indicates wrong color and place.

The code breaker only gets one key peg for every covered color that they guess right. If there are two code pins of the same color hidden behind the shield, and the player guess that there are three code pins of that same color, the player can still only get two key pegs indicating right color.

Once the feedback has been provided in the Mastermind board game the code breaker has a new attempt to guess the color/placing and break the code, with the help of the feedback and logical thinking.

As the numbers of rows indicate you only have eight attempts to guess the code in this free brain game; you will be awarded points when you guess the color right and extra bonus points when you crack the code. Extra points are also awarded if you break the code in an early stage of this logic game.


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This board game for iPad is a mobile and tablet version of one of the most famous classic board games. Mastermind is also known as Master Mind and the modern Mastermind board game version with pegs and pins was invented by an Israeli named Mordecai Meirowitz in 1970. The logics and Mastermind game rules are very similar to an earlier invented mind game called Bulls and Cows that was played with a pencil on paper.

Are you tired of modern popular iOS games like Angry Birds, do you enjoy to play classic board games and to solve logic puzzles? Then this iPad Mastermind game is the perfect mind game app for you!

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Mastermind Board Game for iPhone and iPad (FAQ)


1. What is the Mastermind Game for for iPad and iPhone?

The Mastermind Game for iPad and iPhone is a classic code-breaking strategy game that challenges players to decipher a hidden code created by their opponent. This digital version for iPhone and iPad brings the timeless gameplay to the convenience of mobile devices.


2. How does the iOS Mastermind Board Game app work?

In the iOS Mastermind Board Game app, a secret code is creates using colored pegs, and the player tries to guess the code within a limited number of attempts. After each guess, feedback is provides in the form of colored pegs, indicating correct colors and correct positions. The goal is to deduce the secret code through logical deduction and strategic guessing.


3. Is the Mastermind app suitable for all ages?

Yes, the Mastermind app for iPhone and iPad is suitable for players of all ages. While the rules are easy to understand, the game’s depth allows for strategic thinking, making it enjoyable for both children and adults.


4. Can I play Mastermind against the computer?

Yes, the Mastermind Board Game for iPhone and iPad include a single-player mode where you can play Mastermind against the computer and challenge yourself to break the computer-generated code. This is a great way to practice and enhance your code-breaking skills.


5. How do I make a guess in the Mastermind games?

Players make guesses by selecting a combination of colored pegs in Mastermind games, representing their hypothesis for the secret code. The code creator then provides feedback by placing smaller pegs next to the guessed combination to indicate the accuracy of the guess.


6. How many rounds are typically in a Mastermind game free?

The number of rounds in a Mastermind game free can vary. Players can agree on a set number of rounds before starting, or they can play until a certain player reaches a predetermined score. This flexibility allows for short, casual games or longer, more strategic sessions.


7. Can I play the Mastermind multiplayer and 2 player game with friends online?

Yes, this app provides Mastermind multiplayer and 2 player game modes. This allows you to challenge your friends or connect with other players from around the world for exciting code-breaking battles.


8. Is there a time limit for making guesses in the logic game app?

The time limit for making guesses in the logic game app can depend on the specific version you are playing. In some versions, there may be a timer for each turn, adding an extra layer of challenge and urgency to the game.


9. Are there different variations of code breaker games?

While the core mechanics of the code breaker games remain consistent, there are variations and adaptations that introduce unique twists. Some versions include special power-ups, additional rules, or themed editions that add complexity or a thematic flair to the classic gameplay.


10. Can I save and resume guess the color games in progress?

Yes, many digital versions of guess the color games allow you to save your progress and resume games later. This feature is particularly useful for longer games or when you want to take a break and return to your strategic code-breaking efforts.


11. Does the codebreaker game have a tutorial for beginners?

Yes, the digital versions of the Mastermind game app include tutorials or interactive guides for beginners. These tutorials walk you through the codebreaker game rules, gameplay mechanics, and provide tips for effective code-breaking, making it easy for newcomers to get started.


12. Can I track my guess the code game statistics and achievements?

Tracking guess the code game statistics and achievements is a feature in the digital adaptations of the Mastermind Board Game. You can monitor your win-loss record, average number of guesses, and other relevant metrics. Achievements add an extra layer of challenge and reward for completing specific feats.


13. How do updates work for the break the code game app?

Updates for the break the code game app are typically available through the App Store. Developers regularly release updates to introduce new features, improve performance, and address any issues. Enabling automatic updates on your device ensures you have the latest version of the game.


14. Can I customize the rules of the crack the code game?

While the core rules of the crack the code game remain consistent, some digital versions offer rule customization options. Players may be able to adjust parameters such as the number of guesses allowed, the difficulty level, or the feedback style, allowing for a tailored gaming experience.


15. How do I ensure that the classical board games runs smoothly on my device?

To ensure smooth gameplay, make sure that your iPhone or iPad meets the classical board games system requirements. Regularly updating both the game and your device’s operating system helps to optimize performance and resolve any compatibility issues.


16. Is the Mastermind app free, or does it require a purchase?

This is a Mastermind app free to download and play. There is an optional in-app purchases that will remove ads and limits in the app. Check the App Store description for information on pricing and in-app purchases.


17. Are there ads in the free brain game app?

There are ads in this free brain game app. The free-to-play versions include ads, but the ads can be removed with an premium version in-app purchase. Check the app’s description for details on ads and any available ad-free options.


This comprehensive FAQ provides valuable insights into the engaging world of the Mastermind Board Game for iPhone and iPad. Whether you’re a seasoned code-breaker or a newcomer to this classic strategy game, these answers cover everything you need to know for an enjoyable and challenging gaming experience.